18 November 2012


Been missing in action for too long, I thought maybe even some random updates would liven this place up little bit. Recently I have been trying to put my focus into school, and it's more of a progression than stagnation which I guess is a good start.
B came over this weekend and I'm very thankful for that. He brought me fuzzy socks, purple-yellow Dutch Iris, and pink Peruvian Lilies which I placed and arranged in my glass bottles.

we also spent later that afternoon sticking jelly gingerbread decals onto my window. We spent all of today working on homework and hunting for Hostess products since the company went out of business and is no longer making products. We went with a friend but the two of us didn't buy anything. For our 1½ years we didn't go out to eat, I guess we could've but I made us udon noodles and I thought that was more...heartfelt. Something made out of love and effort, plus it was cute cause we both helped out on the cooking. We ended the night watching Easy A and going out for black milk tea boba at TenRen with C.
I miss him now. Wish we could be cuddling the night away...

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