09 September 2013

Do I Wanna Know?

Whenever I look back at my past text posts from many years ago, I feel a little proud of my works and amazed that I was able to compose works such as those. Many of those times I feel embarrassed and dumb at the moment of production. It's too bad that 90% of the things I write end up getting wiped within 24 hours.

I told myself I would blog more this summer; ended up not turning my computer on for multiple days in a row, mostly online from my phone- so I'm proud of that accomplishment, but ashamed I wasn't able to document feelings, thoughts, and emotions from every day's activities.

I am listening to some of Arctic Monkey's new album in random order, mostly from tumblr. I think the overall album is good, great, lovely, but most of the songs were not what I wanted it to be- 90's/red tartan/british rock/doc martens/electric guitar...'heavy' rock. Most of the songs are lighter, let's just say I wanted most of the album to be like "Do I Wanna Know" or "Arabella" "Knee Socks" "R U Mine"...but wait that's a lot of tracks, maybe I just haven't finished the album yet... (∴ my entire 'interpretation' so far could be wrong now...) Besides "Do I Wanna Know", I would have to say my second or 'tied' favorite song from the album is "No. 1 Party Anthem", I mean the entire groove of an album visually pictured by me, is like...(sorry I'm so bad with history/dates etc) set in the 1980's (or maybe 1960s-1980s) of a white couple in their apartment space, a girl in a bathtub on an average saturday morning rebelliously taking a smoke, sporting slighty heavy kohl eyeliner, while having her favorite rock vinyl spinning and the guy sitting in this partially opened/loosely tied bathrobe, reading the paper on some political scandal, and playing with his girl's long brown locks with his free hand and talking to her........ and there is some plants in the blue and white tiled-floor bathroom. It's a chilly 64 degree fahrenheit outside with no breeze though.

Okay time to own this bad boy on LP, or perhaps buy myself a 33⅓ rpm microgroove vinyl spinner first..


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H said...

just don't buy a crosley please.