30 September 2013

Vampire Weekend x Beirut at the Hollywood Bowl

Just the set list I found online so I can forever remember the amazing concert.
(Note that Vampire Weekend played selected songs from Contra as well on this Modern Vampire of the City tour), all media below was found on and credited from tumblr.
Beirut Set List
1. Nantes
2. Mimizan
3. Postcards from Italy
4. East Harlem
5. Cocek (traditional folk song)
6. A Sunday Smile
7. The Akara
8. The Shrew
9. Elephant Gun
10. Cherbourg
11. Santa Fe
12. Vagabond
13. Coshen

Vampire Weekend Set List
1. Cousins
2. White Sky
3. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
4. Diane Young
5. Unbelievers
6. Holiday
7. Step
8. Horchata
9. Everlasting Arms
10. Finger Back
11. California English
12. A-Punk
13. Ya Hey
14, Don’t Lie
15. Campus
16. Oxford Comma
17. Giving Up The Gun
18. Obvious Bicycle
19. Hannah Hunt
20. Walcott

ps Xx played sunday night at the Bowl, and arctic monkeys are at wiltern LA on monday!!!! i wish i could go!!!!

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