21 October 2013

study play lists

Currently: studying for my biochemistry class
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After 5 years, I finally think Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (acoustic) is a good song.
I'm looking into buying a (Chemix or Melitta or Hario V60) plus Hario Buono so I can make my own pour over. If not, I guess a Nespresso will suffice, except Nespresso machines are a tad pricey, and you lose the joys of making your own coffee because everything is made for you. But they carry Nespresso at Target now, so maybe Target will have a sale on them sometime?
On another note, Stumptown opened in LA, so there's another location to visit the next time we make a trip there, not to already add the ever-so-amazing Caffe Luxxe to our "go-to-again" destination.
I wish I had more time to take pictures, and to cook, bake, and make DIY blog posts.
Something I definitely need to learn is making the perfect minestrone soup.

-Coffee drinks explained
-comparing pour overs
-olive garden inspired minestrone


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