05 September 2011

I've been bed ridden sick with a horrible stomach virus for the past four days and I haven't been able to ingest anything but water. I'm much better today, I can get up and go online ^-^ It's so not fair though, my family and boyfriend have been eating everything delicious and I just keep on hearing about it T_T

I just realised that I am officially a credit card and two debit card holder (: So it's very tempting to buy things when I'm browsing online on UNIQLO, MUJI, TOPSHOP....bleh. It also reminds me how much I miss New York. Rumour has it (or I've heard from Janice) that NYC is going to have a Laudree soon? Those lucky New Yorkians..

Every day is one day closer to move-in day. Mine is the 18th at 8am (eek so early). I haven't gotten everything I needed yet. hmm need to make a check list..
+twin xlong sheets / pillow case / blankets / mattress pad
+extra pillow
+alarm clock
+hair brush / hair dryer / shampoo / conditioner / shower caddy
+basic makeup / umbrella / Tide to go stick
+sneakers / sandals / boots / boatshoes / heels / socks
+laptop / laptop case/ cords and cable / USB HD /mouse / printer / desk lamp
+stationary / calculator / stapler / tape / notebooks / binders / pushpins / post-its / trashcan
+backpack / calendar / purse
+bowls / small pot / cups / utensils / tissue / airtight container / dishsoap
+辛 ramen cups / tea / popcorn / oreos / cheezits / ritz crackers / Advil

It seems like every social networking site has a location service and new settings...ahh


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