28 February 2009

i had an 8 hour colorguard practice today.
wow intesnzeee :D
then i left for an hour to go to math tutor and came back. we painted the floor and baby powdered it.
i smelT like a babies' but now im all nice and clean

2 slices of pizza, 3 sodas, 2 waters, one apple, 2 muffins, 1 orange, a plate of grapes. = what i ate. wow.
then i felt like dying on the floor

i have 3 parallels in the show now. :l wonderful. if i slice my head off then you'll know why.

ashley and i went to spectrum yesterday. we went shoppping and i got 2 lovely tops from forever 21 cos i only had fourty dollars to spaare. a tunic and a ruffled top. i wanted so much more rehhh :l

but then we went to watch "hes just not that into you" it was an ohkay movie but it was so cute (: ahah. i fancy that.
souplantation for dinner after that and then i found out i can't tell jokes ahhaha


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