08 March 2009

cannot concentrate

i have lost it.

i can't study for my exam tomorrow. too much things on my mind. i need to stop procrasinating. its so hard. i think i have ADHD or something ugh. i cannot pull myself together.

fucking pops wont let me wear my vans. he says dey're not good for me. they're beautiful too.

im waiting for 17 July to come along cos i can't wait for Harry potter and the half blooded prince. can't wait!!!!

now another bother has come along. if i should do cosmos or not if not i might do it next year or do CTYI. mums doesn't want me to do comsos this year at all i dont think she would approve of ctyi. but then again im not doing cosmos anymore but im doing summer discovery. (: uh its kinda expensive thou, it starts at 6k. dear me! i wanna start a portfolio at RISD or pratt next year. ahh :l too much wants but not enough time.



Inspiration said...

oooh intresting :O
i think i might be doing this summer arts camp with nicole maybe
theres a music camp, drama camp, etc. and you room with peeps! :D
i hope i can do itt. depends if my mom lets me since its only DRAMA :(

oohh i like the vans. esp the color

i said...

hahah thats so cool at wildwood?

Inspiration said...

or something?
or is that wildwood
LOL not sure :O

i said...

lol ohh what is it then?

Inspiration said...

hahah its idyllwild