25 December 2009

merry christmas.

"On this day, God wants you to know... that a successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Always with the same person, but deeper and deeper every time. Each time on a whole new level you together open in love and discover the truth of your beloved anew. There is no limit to the beauty of your beloved. If you think you've reached the end, stop generalizing." -Facebook.

for christmas my dad bought me this fujifilm instax mini 25.

it's actually the bomb dot com; however film is 10 for $13. T_T but he was nice enough to get me the character themed ones. (hellokitty, pooh, doraemon)

ohh its so cute(: katrina has a pogo now. haha man we're like soul sisters. XD

my sister bought me a juicy couture bracelet, socks, and a jacket (that we apparently 'share' LOL) and my mom got me a juicy shirt. hahahaha
my mom actually got sick on christmas so we didn't really do anything interesting, and i started the driving stuff online. so yea. teddy and i are going to watching Avatar tomorrow at 1030 so that might be interesting since my sister even said that the movie was 'epic' haha. I want to get the movie Amelie and watch it. Katrina and I are doing 500 days of summer and pleasantville next saturday then the photoshoot ♥ btw katrina, when do you want me to come over?

i hope everyone is having a merry christmas. i know i am having nice one with my fake mini 6 inch pink tree, isabella, gingerbread snowman candle, and pj's. (:

six more days left of this decade...

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