16 May 2013


I wish I could get back to blogging more like I did in high school. I remember I started blogging back in 2009, and I used to get inspired by a lot of random photography blogs. Back then fashion blogs or Youtubes were so rare, so not a lot of people blogged or had interest in blogging, it was mainly English lovers, or people who just loved to write. So blogging was a treasure. I still think it is pretty special today because even though 'blogging' is very common, very few people actually 'blog' when they say that they are 'blogging'. What people now mean is that they are on tumblr, clicking that 'reblog' button which means nothing but "I-want-this-overly-edited-picture-on-my-tumblr-too". Nobody says that they are going to go blog and actually go to their blog and write something meaningful or inspiring anymore.
I try to stay inspired.

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