20 August 2013


now playing: My Head Is An Animal (album) | Of Monster and Men
mood: exhausted

I've been pretty inspired by and have been drawing inspiration from Lils, Ivan Trejo, Chelsea Elayne, and my bestie C recently.

me0w. I fear for school right now.
but I'm a little excited that I've planned out a potential road trip up north with friends, then following going out of country with C if all follows through.
more excitingly, H is coming home and (haven't told him yet but he'll see from this) that ABCH & I are going to go to LA to go shopping and to the Getty. Sort of also want to take a trip to the Orange Circle...

I just wish I could learn how to focus more and stop putting things off until last minute.

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H said...

Haha, I had to decipher the letters.