07 August 2013

keep you up all night

now playing: Mr. Hudson | Fred Astaire
mood: stressed
I hate going onto my computer because every time I do, I get carried away and waste so much time doing unproductive things.
I did find a lovely project, and (obviously) manage to read through all the posts so far up to date. It's a forty day dating experiment based on two New Yorkers with past relationship issues. My favorite post is probably day 5.
My three week class is so far intensive. With four hours of lab in the morning, a thirty minute break, then two and a half hours of lecture, I'm already worn out. Then follows another one hour of supplemental instruction. We have class three times a week and an exam on the fourth day. It makes me feel that I don't have enough time in a day to finish and cover or review everything I've learned that day. Hopefully I don't have to come in contact with another computer before Thursday afternoon.

Trying to shoot more in 35mm. Walmart was selling 37exp. disposables for the low price of $5! I feel a little regretful not buying any. Maybe next week?
I also managed to forget my entire pen bag at home, so I have to resort to using 'freebie' pens.

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