24 August 2013

Nespresso perfecto

Another perfect day today. Went to the mall after lunch with B, but we picked up shaken black tea at Boiling Point before heading over. We shopped at Zara and H&M where I picked up some tops and found a pair of really cheap yet stylish Chelsea boots. I saw some really nice pieces at Madewell which I'm hoping to save up for and B spent time in J Crew and Club Monaco looking at shirts, pants, and jackets. He decided on a nice jacket from J Crew in the end because there was also a 25% off $150+ deal. We also got ham and cheese croissants from Vie De France in between the shopping and we stopped at the Nespresso bar. I thought the Nespresso and Chelsea boots totally topped it off nicely.........absolutely happy about today. (-: 


P.s. we saw this beautiful jacket at club monaco today (totally NYC style) but kinda too expensive. But I thought I'd share. 

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