09 December 2013


The softness of your skin, graces me under the pale moonlight.
Your tender lips, gradient pink and white in a perfect oval, misshaped.
And those doe like eyes, looking just so shallowly into me. Missing all my sins.

I touch your shoulder, and let my fingers run down your arm.
Your skin, so beautiful, a tender raw white.
Our palms touch and fingers align.
You firmly grasp my hand and you speak to me.
I cannot hear you.
But you smile at me.

Spin your head towards the window towards the unlit-back of the cabin.
We sit under the glass window, tagged by the moon light.
Beautiful long, snow hair creating the most perfect circular rotation, just barely grazing me as they pass to catch up with you.
You point and tell me that just beyond those hills, lay a beautiful oasis, filled with beauty, youth, innocence, and safety.
Fear fills your eyes as you tell me...
We need to go
I hold your face close and cradle your chin.
Forehead against yours, I close my eyes and tell you not to worry, because you are safe with me.

I feel your soul warm up as you give me your trust.
It's time
With movement slower than the pulse of a heavy heart, I draw you close, and fixed pose you lay your lips on mine, and with a cracked smile, I don't hesitate as I suck all the goddamn filthy innocence out of you.

Lifeless, your beautiful body folded over upon itself on the darned wood.
Hair caressing your broken porcelain skin.
Lips faded black,
 so I thought.

Did you really think that I would fall for that, for you?
I love a good beauty, no need denying that.

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