07 January 2014

Blank ruled paper.

Today was the first day of classes for this year and this winter quarter.
Analytical chemistry seems a little dry, I tend to drift elsewhere during this class. But the teacher is quite lanky, tall, yet nice. I coincidentally picked the seat next to T today, and I saw some people from my first multivariable calc class from last quarter. I just hope I can actually keep my mind in that class in the future, and that I can forever score that seat.
Biochemistry is alright. I can't say much about this one right now, except for the fact that it is in my favorite class room.
Multivariable calc (second part) is quite manageable today. We just learned how to solve double integrations, I believe they're called iterated integrals. He seems to be a pretty good professor so far, I enjoy the system he set up for homework, however I am a little worried because there are no quizzes. Plus the class is only three chapters long, and the first chapter only has three lessons. ???? Yes I'm confused as well.

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