12 February 2014

What have we done

now playing: Boy From The Sun | Niva
mood: drowsy
Trying really hard to stick to a no white sugar diet, but failing incredibly hard and giving in everyday due to what I excuse myself to be 'stress overload'.  Also trying hard to sleep earlier and wake up early everyday, the improvement isn't very rapid, but there IS improvement which I guess is what matters the most.

I made a playlist of good songs on my other account, because I haven't been doing that for the past few years, which make me guilty, and feel like anything but my creative self.

(I think) I'm starting to feel a sense of urgency, so my pace is picking up with being more independent.

Starbucks is promoting their usual annual "Share The Love" promotion this Friday, I think I'm going to buy B a cup of hazelnut macchiato :)

xo i.

ps, on another note- I've been so stressed that it's taken me over an hour to fall asleep even though it's the wee hours of A.M. , and the fact that I've been stress eating i.e.) an entire 4.5" diameter grapefruit in one sitting at 2am.
pps, I just had a random flashback to summer in Sonoma Valley, and even though I don't drink wine, I feel really....sad and yearn to be back in the lovely sun, venturing through vineyards, and dreaming under the misty skies.

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