07 February 2014


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I want to get back into yoga. Thinking back to how happy and open-hearted it made me when I practiced yoga, just tempts me and reminds me how much of a positive impact it was.
I should also look into study abroad and see why my application has been started, maybe it's a sign in addition to the continual run-ins with my ex-roommate who keeps asking if I've applied for abroad programs yet.

Another thing I've been really addicted to is studying at the local library by the beach. It's so beautiful, secluded yet packed with people all the time. It's like the best of...all worlds.
It always feels like I'm heading to my local paradise when I drive there, looking out the windows in between studying makes good daydreaming study breaks, and when it's time to go home, the sunset sky is always beautiful.

I started watching GirlsHBO season 3 this past week, and I think this season deals with a lot more real life-problems. It is a little heavy hearted at times, but I know that things will fluctuate back up in a few episodes or so. Marnie makes me sad to watch her make appearances because her broken heart reminds me of my past, but I'm really happy that she is so strong and uses working out as an anger-releasing alternative. She is actually a hidden 'subconscious' motivation for me this season (for a lack of better terms). And Shosh... I used to think she was SO annoying but as the episodes add up, and now that she's in school, her personality and newly developed maturity actually makes her really funny (instead of obnoxious) and sometimes I feel like "oh my goodness! I can relate to Shosh so well! Ahahah she reminds me of me sometimes!" I peeked at wikipedia, and I saw that GirlsHBO has been renewed for another season (4) and I am so excited! I hope GirlsHBO never stop! :)

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