28 March 2014


C wanted to catch up, and I thought it was only fair to spare some time since we didn't get to see each other during winter because she was busy with work. Met M and we all had lunch at Lemonade. Shopped around, then went to Triangle Square to bowl. Lovely seeing her again, and briefly catching up.

Don't tell C&M but I made B go to Whole Foods with me before triangle square to get my pressed juice :)

So these were from day 6, but I had macarons at LA, and work day, and I couldn't resist getting them again today. SORRY!!!!

Lane 8.  
Tvrn☆Bowl had relatively nice and new bowling shoes. B pointed the company or the stitching of the shoe....I forgot what, but basically they're really nice shoes. Meh beats me. Just as long as it is clean, then it is good. Plus it was one big velcro. Lazy for the win.

B bowling for the first time in many years. 
(Let me tell you- he was stellar, made many strikes).

My cute lil fashionista bestie over here making lucky throws.
But I have to say- you have to be really pro to be so lucky.

After an hour and two rounds of bowling, we parted ways. B and I caught a showing of The Lego movie after waiting many weeks to see it. Funny movie, if you care to know.

Came home at around 9, had two dinners, fruit, and this beautiful dark chocolate Häagen-Dazs while watching Barney Bear on MGM. (I absolutely adore MGM cartoons).

Tomorrow is the last day before going back to uni. I have yet to decide what I want to do- brunch by the beach? another movie? cleaning and working some more? read Porter & Elle? do some planning? ugh. So many things to do in so little time.

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