02 April 2014

Everything Is True To Me

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I just realized I didn't do my ritual start-of-the-quarter/semester class overview for this spring quarter. (So here it is...)
I'm taking 4 classes this quarter. I was thinking of dropping one, but the ones I was debating over to drop turned out to be totally too interesting to just let go!
Quantum chemistry: so far we are learning theories and conceptual topics. The vector calc has not kicked in...so that probably explains why. This 8am class makes me extremely yawn-y and sleepy when I don't get enough sleep the night before though. (I mean no sh*t hahah)
Applied Composition for Sci/Eng Majors: So I thought we would be doing a lot of medical or scientific research in this class and then writing research reports on our findings, except it turned out nothing like what I thought! So my professor loves Sci-Fi and Zombies, plus he was extremely considerate and emailed everyone in the class beforehand and asked about our majors and future professions we were considering, and with that he structured every week around a topic pertaining to a science or engineering major, and some articles and videos (south park, breaking bad, etc) as our homework. I thought it'd be a lot of work, but the books we are reading sound pretty interesting. Plus we get to learn about a different poison every class. Totally rad. (Week 3 is chemistry week, and one of our assignments is going onto twitter and observing how #chemistry is used online) B)
Ordinary Differential Equations: Takes place in the same classroom as my qchem class, but there's so many people that it is really stuffy and irritating, plus the board is so hard to see (mind you I was in first row but just on the side). The class seems really boring too, I wasn't a whiz at vector calc but at least that was interesting, this class....I don't know. I am just staying because I like my TA a lot, she seems super helpful.
Popular Musics of the World: So this class was a surprise to me. Our lectures take place in a(n) band/orchestra rehearsal room, (so there's just seats in an arched formation and stands in stand racks, plus an acoustically-favored designed room and walls). Initially I thought this class would be like a music history class on how music shaped the world...not that I was completely wrong, but it wasn't as boring as I imagined it to be. Imagine "'sociology' of music and culture's impact on society" + "how different classes view the music culture/industry to be" = a good debate and discussion class. Except most people in my class are either too lazy to care, too lazy to participate, aren't really cultured so they don't have much to contribute, or they don't really want to be in this class but just have to be so they just sit there....which makes it really annoying because it ends up being this debate between the professor, this super radical girl who has a lot of personal left wing opinions, and me...while the whole class listens to us like a talk show. I mean I don't know. But I like it. It is actually pretty interesting, and I would say it is like a class where we talk about how music unconsciously imperializes the mass and how corporate establishments and government are the control. etc etc etc.
Anyways. With more time to do things (surprisingly), I hope I can manage my time more efficiently this quarter. Better said than done, so I shouldn't be here.

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