14 May 2014

No Time

listening to: Beach House's album Bloom
There is literally no time in my school life.
Ever since high school started, I feel like I've always been at school from 6am-"9pm"...literally like our official end time was 9pm but we never even leave school property until 11pm-ish because we're cleaning up. But seriously my teammates (aka family) and I used to LIVE in the west end of the school ⅔ of our time at school. If I wasn't in the practice room, I was on stage, or in the studio, or in the gym. Literally we used to lay on the gym floor like it wasn't dirty at all because we were always exhausted and that was basically our home, and our real home was our second home.
Coming to college, I think a lot of people think I have a lot of time because most of that time that people see, is time I spend wasted- procrastinating, but if I weren't, and actually utilizing my time with 100% efficiency oh my gosh I'd probably I don't know HAHA. Anyways ugh this is going back to freshman year college again!

Tomorrow my schedule is SO hectic.
9-11 english
11-1230 fair
1230-1 lunch
130-? counseling
2-330 math
330-4 abstract
4-6 meet up with "x"
6-7 dinner with family?

And then somewhere between that I have to go to the theater to buy tickets and go to the office. WHAT!?
I feel so overwhelmed. And right now I still have to finish my english reading, homework, film viewing, and then math homework.
Wowowowowowowow hahaha. I haven't even coordinated my outfit for tomorrow yet!
...and I just spent too many minutes typing this out, and frick me for being so lazy and weak, I took a 45 min nap earlier, someone slap me for being a lazy ass.


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