19 May 2014

Shallow Mondays

A list of shallow nonsense things I like (to do...which serves no purpose except making me happy):

-early mornings/dawn
-people watching
-being in Newport (being in beach cities/just by the beach makes me happy)
-shopping or brunching at FI
-movies at cinemas
-movies at the AMC in The District
-beach days, just lounging in loose shirts, shorts and sandals
-taking pictures
-wearing dresses and skirts
-shopping and browsing through Target even when I don't really need anything
-coffee chats at cafes (though I really should cut coffee out because it is so harmful for the body)
-going through organic markets; they have a very different smell compared to regular markets- fresh, raw, and earthy.
-drinks in glass bottles
-messenger bags, or shoulder bags, they feel much more relaxed and casual and sometimes you need a break off from being fancy
-salads and barely drizzled salads, healthy refreshing and a little flavor to give it a kick, and not enough to be unhealthy
-outdoor shopping centers at night

Some have been repeated over and over throughout the years.
I could go on and on and on.....until another day I guess.

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