07 July 2014

She's Got You High

now playing: she's got you high | mumm-ra

Sometimes I get so caught up in the moment, getting angry and such at insignificant little things, that I forget to enjoy life and enjoy youth when I can. I know this sounds weird but I just went on daydreamgiselle.tumblr.com and viewed the tumblr via the page instead of on my newsfeed home page and I just remembered suddenly everything that inspires me and makes the person I am today. I started playing mumm-ra's "she's got you high" and although it's not a specific favorite of mine (or a favorite at all), I think because it's connected to 500 Days of Summer, suddenly the image of LA comes into mind and I think about Hanna-Beth and all those silly things C and I obsessed over, and the LA trips H, B, and I take during breaks....and everything just felt right and good.

I think I need to stop getting so caught up in the moment and just live. Live for the travels I yearn and the art(istic styles) that call out to me.

Ahhhhh I miss traveling.

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