13 October 2014

ignore my dumb self

Things that hit me the hardest with hs nostalgia includes:

11th grade
dumb high school relationships
CG family & Ave Maria ♥ ♥ ♥ //Sara //CG MARRIAGES OMFG GUYS
going over to Kat&Char's to bake and just hang out
orchestra & all southern/honors orchestra/disneyland performances
marching band & disneyland performances & friday night football games
♥ sabre queen right here ♥
acoustic guitar / singing
dance (ballet/lyrical)
pop punk music and alt folk
sigur ros/sia/bon iver
meeting a lot of people at all the irvine high schools (Woodbridge/Irvine/Uni) and getting everyone to love and hate me in two different waves
the first time I went to NYC (dude my life changed 4ever)
karma hitting hard both ways
thinking that i was really going to pursue music/dance/advertisement as possible career fields
thrifting/brunching/coffee adventures/shopping/beach house with Chloe
September/October/November/December 11th grade

Wowowowowow this list basically sums up my high school life.

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