28 October 2014

wall posts

Reading Facebook wall posts between C and I literally make my heart skip beats even when I'm supposed to be doing homework or sleeping right now and it's 3:41 am because it reminds me of all the memories we had in high school.
Topics covered:
boys, heartbreaks, anxiety attacks, breakdowns, mean girls, ex-boyfriends, image issues, photoshop, photo sessions, movie dates, thrifting, swap meets, music, humanities homework, complimenting each other back and forth like crazy (lmfao), talking about school dances, talking about the things people say to us 'anonymously' and how mean people can be, trying to be 'scene' and 'hardcore' ahaha, baking (cupcakes and cookies), making rice krispie treats, getting our free copies of NYLON magazine, american apparel, Madrid & Europe trips, falling in (and out of) "love", self confidence issues, trying to compare who has a sexier body (envying each other), getting summer tutoring at Elite, finding a 3rd grade class mate through Myspace, this "vocabulary" homework that we keep talking about (what?? I don't even remember which class it's from), lots and lots of crying thanks to asshole/jerks, doing purikura pictures, wasting time trying to get each other to do homework and stop wasting time (lol circle of irony), college talks, talking about how awkward we are, a lot of "we must talk" "talk to mee!!" "go on AIM right now!!", my sweet 16th birthday party going jet skiing in Dana Point and screaming/running along the beach at 10pm, and our anti-mall runs (psh we've been going before people knew about it) (~*Tru h1pstErz*~)

Oh my gosh...people probably think I waste too much time looking back instead of focusing on the present and the future.
But I guess I'll always be a dreamer in my own world.

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