19 March 2015

I've been watching your kindness keep a lonely company

Look at the fire and think of me

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It’s finals week and there’s just been a lot of emotions.

I finished two finals yesterday at the most polar times (from each other) possible: 8-11am and 7-10pm.

Today I’ve been taking it easy: starting with giving my mind a break- woke up late(@noon heh, but Ari texted me in the morning wishing me goodluck with finals over LINEapp which surprised me because I thought she didn't use LINEapp! ♥ But seeing her name at 8 in the morning woke me up frantically thinking it was work related/panicking for a second because I thought I overslept and missed work), taking a stroll around campus, getting tea at Coffee Bean (I’ve been trying to give up coffee! or try and cut back on it… so far it’s working), chatting with friends that I ran into at Coffee Bean, getting a day off and not working (in lab), wearing a skirt! (since it’s almost impossible to be wearing anything above my ankles these days), taking dumb selfies (see above) per usual, listening to + + +GRIMES+ + + and The Strokes and getting good vibes from them, updating my travel blog with three posts about my past trip to Italy (there's still a lot more to come but that's that for now),

Besides Disneyland and going to the beach, I haven’t got much plans for spring break yet. oh SHOOT. This post just reminded me that I have an abstract to complete before spring break ends for the research symposium ;__; oh well. There’s always work to be done. n e v e r e n d i n g

Mmm there was a desert storm at around evening ~730 pm? Rolling thunder, flashes of lightning, and then heavy downpour. Perfect way to end the night.

xo i

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