27 May 2015

9. Wednesdays

I'm in love with film, cities, dreams, astrological signs, leather bags, romance, novels, academia, ballet, and designs.

It's too late and a tad early.
I am so tired yet there's too much work to do.
I'm giving in to things too easily, letting whatever take the best of me.
Wake up, there's only 8 more academic and 2 final exam dates left until the end of this.

1 day until outreach/meet and greet craft event
2 days until meeting with GSOE/BCOE Teach. Ed. Luncheon
9 days until the last undergrad chem report due
9 days until the end of undergraduate classes
13 days until final #1
15 days until final #2
17 days until graduation
19 days until my internship starts!

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