10 November 2015

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Between Scandi and Austin, the week when I was back in Cali, we had a little lab-venture on Wednesday. We bought tickets on Tuesday and went out to LA to see the Dodgers in Echo Park. They were scheduled to play against the Colorado Rockies. We left work and went to Norwalk to take the Green Line Dodger Express (I think it was the Green line and not the Blue Line, I'm just confused because Blue line is in LB and E joined us from nearby...so I could be wrong). The Dodger Express took us into DTLA, to Echo Park, and straight into the stadium parking lot.

We had quite nice seats.

This was part of the "Welcome to America" 'tour' for Sebastian. :D

For someone who normally is not phased by baseball, I'd say going to a live game is very enjoyable and fun. Perhaps it's the crowd, atmosphere, and friends. I'd do it again another time :)

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