05 July 2016


Got so numb yesterday everything felt so right.
The waves of euphoria rolling through me, god it finally feels right. This is the feeling I've been searching for, too long.

I am so happy I was so happy. Everyone is so in love and the warm summer air brushed our arms under the dark navy blue skies. Everything moving so slowly...

I watched her light that cigar, please baby no.
In one minute of a time I watched what I thought to be innocent corrupt before my eyes.
I feel so cheated. So cheated on. Lied to, with my dreams shattered. One last hope of ambition pierced through the center with a mocking burn.

Stumbling down the street letting the lies hit me, I watched the fireworks go up and fall back down the street last night by myself as my heart broke and tears rolled. I've never gotten kissed under the fireworks, but I also never watched them on the fourth alone either.

I'm so broken. So broken. I don't know what to think what to do.

Spoke so much words, did you even speak the truth?
Trouble on my left, trouble on my right...
God don't let me lose my mind...

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