05 April 2009

just luck.

"In a dream i was a werewolf
my soul was filled with crystal light
lavender ribbons of rain sang
ridding my heart of mortal fight..."

this weekend was totally rad. after school on friday, ashley and i went to watch the fast and furious. we got starbucks from barnes and noble before the movie started. we pissed the worker off cos ashley told her she wanted a mintmocha frap, but they didn't have it so she changed it to the green tea frap, the lady thought ashley wanted the greenTEA so she had to cancel and change everything. when it was my turn, i wanted an iced caffe latte, and the lady's like "an ice coffee"? and i was like sure. cos you know, its coffee too! so she made me a black coffee, and then i was like, "excuse me i wanted a latte" she got mad, called the manager and changed it. but it was good anyways ahhah. the movie was really good. it was intense. during the evening, mum took us to souplantation for our traditional fridays haha. on saturday we had our last competition at corona, it felt good to perform this ave maria show for the last time. i felt sad too, a little disappointed that i never took this too seroiusly, and i was always like "ohhh here we go again." because i now realize that i will never perform this same show again with the same people and the same coach becos there will be new members next year and miss belieze and a new show. it was a lucky day though, we placed first in our division again (: congrats nhsguard. ily ♥ . after all that, mum let me go to bamboozle with my sister from 4-7. originally she didn't want me to go, but since i came home too late, it was too late to sell the tickets anyways. I bought a shirt from babycakes, met we the kings and my children my bride, saw nevershoutnever perform, and got an airbrushed tattoo. its so pretty! its a dancer behind my right shoulder. and today i dont even have homework! :D this is a wonderful weekend.

My day tomorrow:
Mijn dag van morgen:

Ma journée de demain:


7.00 wakeup lazy head
7.45 Off to school
8.30 history with MISTER MAMER oh hes cool
13.45 School ends
16.00 Piano lessons
18.00 guard practice until 20.00
After that: The usual. Music. homework. procrastinating. sleep deprived.


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