22 June 2009

some are nameless

i am

i want
a million wishes.

i have
so much to give and learn; but i don`t know it yet.
been procrastinating since grade 7

i wish
for goodness.
and a good sense of direction.

i hate
people who act stupid on purpose.
annoying, clingy people.
hypocrites; yet, i`m one, so i must hate myself.

i fear
losing things.

i hear
cocorosie singing werewolf.
one of my favorite songs.

i search
for fulfillment.

i wonder
about a lot of things.

i regret
the past,
but try not to.

i love

i ache
when i start to miss people, places, things.

i always
breathe, blink, beat.
end up in a tangle of thoughts

i usually

i am not
a patient person.

i dance
in class
to feel
to show.

i sing
to myself in my soul.
to soothe myself

i never
know what is the best.

i rarely
do the right thing.

i cry
too much

i am not
happy around people who make me frustrated.
happy around people who make me want to yell out of anger.

i lose
when it comes to memorizing.
when you defeat me with your gaze.

i'm confused
about life.
about people.
and especially history.

i need
some time.

i should
stop procrastinating.

i am
me, myself, and i.

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