25 March 2014


I went to Los Angeles yesterday. Super sad Wildfox didn't have their monthly sample sale, and won't be having it until summer. Here is a picture post guided by captions in a somewhat chronological order from yesterday.

We got to DTLA at around 10:15am and lined up for Sushi Gen's famous $15 sashimi combo. Includes rice, picked cabbage, tofu, and miso soup as well. (Not pictured) Definitely approved by me for quality and cut. You just have to get there 30 minutes or earlier before opening time to get seated in an adequate amount of timing. Otherwise you'll have to wait forever because the venue is small. They open at 11:15am.

Then we drove through DTLA, passing Angel's Knoll, Angel's Flight, and the Bradbury because we got semi lost on our way to ACNE and went to Chinatown and back. I was planning on Insta-directing this photo to H (as a memory reminder from our first DTLA trip last year during spring break), but I ended not doing that. So here is the picture.

Easing into fashion district through jewelry district.

Wanted to go to this UO location so badly, buuuuut I guess we didn't have enough time.
We went to FIDM first and their little costume museum. And walked to Bottega Louie because I had to get two of their salted caramel macarons. B got a raspberry beignet.

The amazing rainbow of macarons. and the beignets up on the wooden display plates above. 
B was so sweet, he saw that their boxes were pretty princess status and told me if I really wanted the boxes he'd buy three more macarons so I could have a box ^_^ but I said it's ok.

Ahhhhh so pretty.

And then walking back on Grand and onto 9th, we went to the sacred ACNE Studios that I've been waiting for since 9th grade.

*heaven noises*
The super cool sales lady inside offered us water/champaign/sparking water. We picked still, and these are literally the best tasting water ever. They tasted so.. pure and like nothing. I know that's a hilarious comment, but seriously usually 'bottled'/'glass' water has some kind of weird taste. It's from Denmark, so it says. "iskilde".

I loved their wooden clogs, but at ~$675 a pair, I don't think they're really affordable for me right now. Right now they have their spring/summer collection out, and nothing that I was interested seemed to fit me well. Maybe I'll come back in the fall for their winter line, and I'll pick up a pair of waxed pants as well. I seriously had a little sob fest in my heart though, I love ACNE studios. ♥

B wanted to go to Tanner Goods. Which was conveniently across the street. 
Inside we met Jess, a sales lady, who was super friendly and honest with her opinions. Extremely helpful as well. She invited us back for the official grand opening on Saturday, but I don't think its reasonable to make the commute again. Hopefully we'll see her next time we go. She let me use the jukebox which played 45rpm records, and at 25¢ I got three tracks of my choice. Very cool.

After that B let me go to the AA HQ, where I picked up a black circle skirt, (and wanted those sunflower shorts but the selections at the time were seriously too tight). I can't believe they're ripping off JuJu's though. AA used to carry JuJu Jellys, but they made this entire line of jelly sandals :\

Then in exchange for time, we didn't go to the DVF Journey of a Dress Exhibit, but instead we headed to Santa Fe for our beloved...STUMPTOWN!! ♥ Oh my gosh. I don't think words can describe them. Parallel yet different from Caffe Luxxe. But I think the heart emoji is the best way I can tell you about Stumptown Roasters. WILL. RETURN.

They had huge glass windows, where you can see equipment in the back. I THINK they are roasting beans. I'm actually not sure. I know they had a tasting room as well.

Almond and soy milk alternatives for preference. I like to keep it original.

After getting our brews, I had a (hot) latte, B had a(n) (iced) latte, we head back to the car, where we enjoyed our pastry/goods from Bottega Louie with our roast. ♥ ♥

What's in my bag: water, mints, wallet, pen, aviators, roll of 35mm, minolta film p.a.s., water, random receipts, hand sanitizer.

graffiti wall by santa fe and the 10-east fwy

We headed to La Brea; Self Edge. Then American Rag Cie, UNIS, etc etc.
So our last stop was the Grove LA. Union Made, Barneys, Topshop, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Dylan's Candy Bar...

We ran into Charlotte Olympia's event at Nordstrom unexpectedly!!!

She's so sweet. And the event was so cute. I got a little Charlotte Olympia kitty nail deco on my left ring finger. And they had hors d'œuvre, champaign, water, and shoe cookies to entertain the guests!

I got a dashing little polaroid signed by Miss Charlotte herself as a keepsake :)

B and I selfie-ing while charging my phone in Gap.
By the time we left The Grove it was already 9pm. We rushed to Little Tokyo to go to Shabu Shabu House because I haven't been since I was probably in first grade. They didn't allow the use of phones inside so I didn't get to take a picture. But it's very yummy and I do recommend it to shabu lovers. The wait is between 45min-2hours though. B and I did luck out because we daringly went right before it closed.

Such a good day. Such a good trip. LA never fails to make me happy :)

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