22 March 2014


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Today B and I went to Mitsuwa to get lunch, and then the mall after.

Then we went to a cute 'historical' theater in Newport Beach where they always only show one film during a certain # of days. There's only one viewing room inside the theater, so it's very intimate. The theater was modeled after and inspired by Bette Davis- the ladies restroom had a powder room where there were three vanity mirrors and lotion, tissue, hair spray in front of a little seat where you can fix yourself up. The tiles and decor was overall very 1950's/60's... and in the viewing room there's a mezzanine as well! (pictures up on rêves estivates aériennes) ((at the end of our showing they handed us a little sherbet flavored candy, heheh))

We watched The Grand Budapest, which reminisced of melancholy. Very well done, and very symmetrical- typical Wes Anderson I'd have to say. A lot of his familiar orange and yellow tones and cursive, except this time the orange and yellow tones were for modern day and the flash backs were pink and blue. Loved it!

I had a great day, and can't wait for tomorrow to come.
xo i.

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