22 March 2014

I'm Home!

mood: calm
now playing: i'm going down | vampire weekend

*apologizes for looking unwell, unhealthy, and overly underweight*

(Momo making a subtle awkward cameo in the back)

Finally done with winter finals for this year. Back at home.
B r e a k:
1 shopping x 3
2 dtla / silverlake / brentwood / hollywood / "dvf"
3 Grand Budapest / Mr. Peabody & Sherman
4 work day @ the lost bean
5 shooting
     a. planning
     b. drafting
     c. locations
6 photo diary
     a. format
     b. locations
7 brunch with C and M
8 1000 steps
9 bike ride

Wow- extremely packed for "break", but at least I'll be doing things I like.

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