16 April 2014

Home is where your heart is set in stone

mood: nostalgic

Gabrielle darling, you bring me back to 10th grade,
...being in humanities with foreign yet intimate faces, and being in classes with my bestie, sketching dreams out and talking about living in LA, taking photos of each other like we were all that, myspace, trains, buzznet and hannabeth and audrey kitching, gloomy bear, and lots of UK/brighton influenced fashion, having fringes, and wearing tights and leather moto jackets...ahh and remember kaylee? yeah I wonder where she is now, we used to chat via msn, I'd wake up early because of the time difference on the other side of the world, and I'd write "becos" and "mum" and other silly british accents because I thought I could escape reality like that...
but resurfacing your music, is good, because I guess it brings me peace and serenity.
A part of me wants to go back and be the beautiful yet slightly deranged person i was before the real world got a hold of me and made me work only to survive.
Gabrielle bring me back to when I believed that I could live in dreams and pass my days as an artist, musician, dancer, wanderlust-ee, and a culture connoisseur.

Back to when I lived in dreams and self-faith, disregarding what anyone thought of me.
Ha oh I wish I had the same mentality.

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