05 May 2014

Coca Cola removing BVO from drinks

Newsweek writes that "Coca-Cola is in the process of removing brominated vegetable oil from its entire line of beverages... after PepsiCo announced it would remove the controversial chemical, also patented as a flame retardant, from Gatorade".1

In the article they also describe and define BVO as "...an emulsifier in fruit-flavored sports drinks and sodas to evenly distribute flavoring oils throughout the liquid" thus Coca Cola company will be "...transitioning from the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) to sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB) and/or glycerol ester of rosin (singly or in combination)", as- “'Glycerol ester of rosin is commonly found in chewing gum and beverages, and SAIB has been used in beverages for over 14 years'" 1. However if you go onto the chemical company Eastman's website and look up what SAIB (here) is, you'll see that the description categorizes SAIB as an emulsifier ("chemical additives that encourage the suspension of one liquid in another, as in the mixture of oil and water in margarine, shortening, ice cream, and salad dressing. Closely related to emulsifiers are stabilizers, substances that maintain the emulsified state" (2britannica) ) from reading that SAIB is "...characterized as a modifying extender for film-formers and extrudable plastics" (3Eastman).

Waaait...but wasn't the whole point of removing BVO was that it was an emulsifier? The grossest part is where Eastman's info pamphlet says that SAIB "...is useful in lacquers, printing inks, hot melts, and similar protective and decorative coatings" (3Eastman). Ew wait, so they "improved" the situation by replacing BVO with SAIB...aka also used in inks and plastics?

BVO is "bad for you" because it is made up of and includes bromine which is toxic and corrosive aka poisonous.(FYI- bromine also acts as a sedative)//(btw- idk if you guys know but our breads today are made up of bromine instead of iodine which causes thyroid problems..that is why we should stay away/refrain from eating too many bread products..basically bromine acts as an endocrine disruptor aka "overdosing" of bread causes us to have low thyroid aka 'hypothyroid' problems....leads to cancer. (you're welcome) Consumption of too much 'bromide' products leads to the bromide replacing the iodine in our body....well there aren't a lot of foods that contain iodine and our body doesn't naturally produce it sooo load up on the seaweed??).4,5

I mean, I don't know much about SAIB and the exact negative effects of how its chemical structure affects the human body other than that it enlarges the liver.6 But, I don't think that consumption of chemicals that normally go onto wood floor hardeners or nail polish/laquers sound any better than loading up on bromine.
I guess my bottom line and point is....water is your best and loyal friend.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or anywhere near being one. I am not saying that I am 100% right in every thing that I wrote above. This above is just a collection and composition of research/findings/and personal knowledge. Feel free to comment or correct me if you believe something is wrong. I am open to discussions and debates (not arguing/arguments). ALSO- sorry if the citation formats are wrong, but I did include source links to everywhere I seek knowledge and information from. Thank you for your respect.
Hopefully I didn't, but I tried not to "sensationalize headlines" or "cherry pick" results.

4(knowledge source)
5(knowledge from my dad)
6(US National Library of Medicine National Instiute of Health)

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