05 May 2014

Go Wilcox!

"Kim A. Wilcox, chancellor of UC Riverside, today announced his intention to expand the university’s faculty by 300 ladder-rank scholars, provide for the addition of new facilities, and take new measures to achieve increased globalization...[Wilcox] called for several specific measures at UC Riverside related to faculty growth, campus physical planning and globalization.

Wilcox plans to aggressively expand the number of scholars on the UC Riverside campus, announcing that 300 new ladder-rank faculty members will be recruited in the next five years. He is beginning to convene discussions about what types of disciplines will see the most growth, he said, adding that diversity will be an important goal.

Wilcox announced his intention to accelerate planning for a new interdisciplinary research building dedicated to faculty research. The facility will provide 150,000 square feet of space for as many as 60 research groups. In addition, the chancellor noted the need for an events center that would provide indoor space for commencements, convocations, conferences and athletics events.

As regards future growth, Wilcox asked the community to consider building future facilities to the south of the campus along the 215 freeway. The location, he said, would provide 'contiguous research and instructional space to our south.'"


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