09 April 2015

The Real Hardstyle

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mood: disheveled, but in the process of organizing

I am on the nmr reservation page, and I noticed that David's got raman from 1130pm-330am tonight. And because the space before mine was blank, someone decided to reserve 5-630am. Dang. Engineers go hard.

My day tomorrow:
Mijn dag van morgen:
Ma journée de demain:
5.45 Wake up
6.30 Off to raman
8.30 Breakfast/coffee run with Ari & others
9.00 Group meeting
10.30 Start growth
14.00 Growth 2
19.00 Training and lesson plan
After that: Back to my apt so I can get ready for Saturday's long day.

Maybe someday
You'll be somewhere
Talking to me
As if you knew me
Saying I'll be home for next year, darling.


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