13 April 2015


Saturday: Taught 12 sessions of boy scouts about energy waste from 9-4.
I can't stop thinking about vampire energy now, and I definitely respect high school teachers that have to teach the same subjects 6 times a day because it does get 'tiring' because you just keep repeating the same thing to new groups of kids, which means that you have to revamp your energy every period because the new group of kids deserve the same enthusiasm that the first group of kids received.

You also can't see me because there's too many people but- yay! :)
(and then I went to work after that until 7). hashtag- GG/tired

Sunday: Ate a 2 hour brunch by myself at the dining hall and saw Alec there, relaxed for too long, got boba, watched Fast and Furious 7 with D/V/T/T.

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