04 July 2015

June-ly / [JOON-lie]

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Totally did not update respectively towards the days counting down to graduation.
Maybe I'll do a quick update later? Perhaps not. Depending on the time I have.

I've just finished week 3 of summer internship and researching, heading into week 4.
So far this is what things have been looking like:
`Days start at 6 or 8 depending on the schedule/day.
`Tutoring classes with the internship group every other day at 830a, and on off days raman time starts at 630a (tentative).
`The rest of the day consists of normal growth, workshops (!! ♥), and moving the lab.
`Going home at (anywhere between) 10p-12a.

Things that make me anxious/worried/nervous:
`my diet and fitness plans thanks to the hectic schedule (see 10 pm dinners, and not eating but always eating)
`not having enough time to study for the quizzes and materials I should be studying for, for the classes we're put in
`not having enough time to read papers/journals for our journal club → aka shitty presentations
`not having enough time to just de-stress → not having sanity of any sort... → mental breakdowns eventually ??
`not sleeping enough (going back to first point of this block)
`spending money like crazy on the weekends as a form of de-stressing (see retail therapy/my confessions of a shopaholic)
`a HUGE misunderstanding of me, behind my back, that is totally not true but has now spread to rumors..but who has time or immaturity for this shit?...which reminds me- FUCK YOU BITCH.

Things I've done that are in the more positive light:
`build better relations with certain people in the group
`moved out of my place and into another apartment complex with T~
`making memories day by day
`bond with the REU students
`finding new exciting things from my growth
`getting trained on/learning how to use the AFM
`getting a gym membership to try to force myself into a routine
`finished my bio/abstract/travel info for the convention in sept. (this took like 3 weeks to complete but i'm so happy i'm done)
`cleaning up my room (slowly) and hoping to get my new bed frame and dresser soon

I could keep making lists/ more lists/ different lists...but I'm not going to do that because once I start with my list-o-phile habit I'm going to go totally off topic and such.
We're currently in a long weekend which means more time to do things. So hopefully with two days left, I can accomplish more!!! I feel like I'm on this crazy grind but at the same time not really doing anything...if that makes sense? But I think you'd need to be in my shoes to understand.
Sorry for this slightly unstructured ramble. I just needed to get an update out.

xo i

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