11 August 2015

July Update

It's been more than a month since my last update. Since then lots of things has happened. Mostly the same old same old.

New things include: actually being comfortable with using an AFM machine by myself, giving a really bad journal club presentation, more kickbacks at T's house and lots of fun and angry times, T's birthday weekend (so fun! post-bbq car ride home :D ), hanging out with J/A/M, counting down to GRE aka stressing myself out everyday, actually going to the gym more frequently, being one of the first people to visit the new Starbucks on campus with T/T/D/P/E!!, D's goodbye at Hero's and learning out the servers there are untrustworthy the hard way..., going to an unusual amount of happy hours in a week (but was very happy about it all), watching many movies, growing graphene, getting clean room access and (unofficial) training!!, dinner at Five Crowns, going to kbbq every other week unintentionally, starting grad school apps (but abandoning it due to hectic schedule), getting my picture published in C&EN, MAKING PATTERNED SUBSTRATES, getting tased voluntarily with friends 0_0, finding a bomb taco place thanks to A, finalized lab moving, getting my new bed and dresser♥, trying to keep my head above the immature social life people douse themselves with around me, ...and getting offered to go to DC!!!

So there has obviously been a lot that's happened in a month, as well as more thing that I don't remember at the moment. Most of them are related to work or friends via work. I'm happy with what I do, I just don't enjoy the social experience from it too much because of jealousness and unnecessary hatred. (I promise I didn't do anything this time around).
But time is moving really fast recently and lots of new things keep coming into my life. It's hard to slow down and explain it all. I'm so backed up on my Brunching Lady blog too, I wish I could update that. I guess that will happen when I get extra time.

Entry on DC to come in next post...

xo i

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