13 October 2015

Writing Season

I could tell you about my adventures in Texas (I will), or the Dodgers game I went to (eventually updating...), or perhaps the weekend getaway to Vegas (duh! how could I miss out on that), or my first experiences with grad school (a must.) on my blog post today.
But instead I'm going to ignore everything that's been happening in my life recently, and set the time aside to talk about how much I miss NYC. I was on my Tumblr friends' facebook accounts, looking at  their first few weeks in college. Some of the pictures are just street scenes or NYC skylines. Even though I haven't been to the City for two or some years now, just seeing those pictures suddenly throws me back into that moment during fall when I went for the first time with the east coast sun nibbling the tips of my ears and the cold wind surrounding my face. I can smell the grotesquely familiar street scents and hear the angry taxis honking as pedestrians left and right hurry to their workplace.

It's great, and it's been too long.
/end of shallow reminiscing and goes back to much NSF writing/

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