08 June 2017

Re: Double Standards

Erika wrote a little something, which made me feel empowered. Thank you...

"..Is it only possible to achieve respect from your equals by sacrificing the precariousness of your own sex? [...] I honestly think you would be disgusted to know how many men have expressed their grievances with the fact that I am an opinionated female. Or how many men haven't taken me seriously because I'm a woman and they think I exaggerate a response, or overreact. I wish I had counted how many men have said, "I'm sorry you THINK I did this" or "I'm sorry YOU FEEL that way" instead of acknowledging that my intuition is a STRENGTH and that they are capable of faults, and they're allowed to concede to them. How many men believe they have a say in what company you keep, what you wear, decisions you make. How many men hold you back in achieving your goals, particularly in young relationships, because they are constantly negotiating with the insecurity of their own egos. These are all forms of abuse. Words and actions are triggering. I think it's quite clear that because we have seemingly made a lot of progress socially, people have taken it upon themselves to move too freely in their relationships and their interactions with people, especially when they are ignorant to their past experiences. Just saying on this beautiful day to remember compassion and empathy and all of these emotions that make humans amazing. And remember, "if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."
-Erika Altosaar

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